Le Corbusier and Gaudi GERMAN

Thirty years ago, the German company Vector Foiltec has developed an installation technology of translucent constructions of large diameter. Twenty-five years ago Vector Foiltec became famous throughout the world with new opportunities in the construction of large buildings in the construction of that required to fill translucent surfaces huge openings.

Thanks to the author’s technology companies could TEXLON architects to realize their most incredible dreams. So there stadiums in Basel – St. Jacob and Munich – Allians Arena, Home to butterflies Sentosa Park in Singapore and new sections in Leipzig zoo. Particularly noteworthy is an indoor swimming pool in Beijing, which was built for the Olympics. In general, on account of Vector Foiltec is about 1100 buildings that have never graced the Earth, if not the membrane translucent structures created by technology TEXLON.

For those who want to shake the world outlook of his office, a supermarket or a sports complex, a representative of the German technological titanium – Vector Foiltec offers a full “case” of services. It includes designing the structure and binding to the terrain, sketches and models, fabrication and installation of structural and membranes, as well as long-term warranty.