Many citizens are accustomed to the constant noise outside the window. But their guests from small towns, Europeans, young children and people with health problems, are very sensitive to the buzz of public transport, the music from the speakers car drove up to the house, barking pack yard dogs, screaming teenagers and communication neighbors on a bench under window.

Way out of this situation may be to move to a desert island or the installation of noise-reducing windows with a special profile design. To save man from the big city noise, the windows increase the amount of air chambers isolated from each other by glass sheets. For effective sound insulation such cameras should be at least three. For those who live in the center of large cities, which regularly hosts concerts, rallies, parades or near cars and r/w station, and airfields, and 5-7 cell-layers will not be much. In addition, these windows are recommended for use in schools or offices, employees are engaged intellectual work.

An additional advantage of such a setup for multi-profile is increasing its energy-saving characteristics. In winter, the screen does not release heat out and in summer will not allow heat to get into the house thaе facilitate the work of the air conditioner.

Special attention is given the possibility to book one or all (!) partitions sealed. This glass, in which added little in melting titanium is virtually unbreakable.