Every year there is a contest in Germany GIT SECURITY AWARD, which is attended by the best engineers, energy, technology and installers of this country. Financed by the German Association of match manufacturers, evaluates applicants State Union of Technical Supervision. Win in this competition for the German – anyway, that in one hand to get the “Oscar”, “Grammy” and the Nobel Prize to boot or jackpot in the lottery with a prize of a couple of million dollars.

Besides individuals, in the GIT SECURITY AWARD participate manufacturing companies. Won in this competition, they quietly win tenders for public contracts tastiest get profitable partners and the best graduates of technical colleges. This year’s finalist German techno Oscar became the company GEZE. In the category “security systems”, it represented its own development – locking “anti-panic”.

Functions “anti-panic”

Lock with a functional “anti-panic” – smart as a computer, and faithful to his master, as a watchdog. This castle is capable of the following miracles:

  • Lock responds on human and in an emergency is able to instantly open the door before the owner or members of his family, but to lock out, if the house gets an “alien”.
  • GEZE develop indispensable in areas where swing doors are used – in hospitals, schools, stadiums, theaters. In this case, set a two-way adjustment automation control access to the object. After that, the door automatically opens in the event of an emergency in the room – in case of fire, smoke, flood. With the penetration of the premises of people after hours the doors are locked and send a signal to support police post.
  • All locks of the “anti-panic” from GEZE can be an element of smoke, water and heat removal from the room, and in automatic mode. In case of locking the room continues to be pumped with fresh air, and if the room is captured by terrorists, sleeping gas can be started through it.

GEZE locks are guarantee of your safety and comfort! A panic they cause only one case – when they are commercially available.