WHY GROW prices on window glass?

Everybody knows that the glass obtained by melting quartz sand. This base material, which requires about 75% of the total weight of raw materials. In this case the conversion of rock into a glassy mass begins at 1200°C. Then to reduce the temperature of melting glass, even the Egyptians, Babylonians and Greeks smart enough to add to the melt calcium oxide or lime. Thereafter, the crushed quartz transformation temperature in the hot homogeneous mass is reduced to 300°C. Addition soda into the alloy (Na2CO3) allowed to expel air bubbles therefrom, deteriorating the physical and aesthetic qualities of the glass.

Major producer of soda in the EU is a Belgian company Solvay, which has already announced increase the selling price of their products. Naturally, that the rise in one of the key components of the glass will increase the cost of the final product.

Price hike in Solvay associated with forced growth of social benefits, salaries, and the creation of the guarantee program supplies its products to companies – producers of windows, window glass and bottle .

Since Solvay has long been a co-owner of the production company “RusVinyl” – largest producer of PVC, the prices for double glazing in winter 2014 “crawl” up.

In this situation, everyone who has not changed windows in house, apartment or office, it is better to install them before the New Year. It will be much easier to do than to find factory manufactures soda reasonably priced.