Translucent roofing, facade systems Texlon

Each customer is seeking an exclusive and unique object. That is what motivates experts to work on the creation of new materials. System Texlon – an innovative technology that has been created based on ethylene tehroftoretilena (ETFE-polymer) in the country where the best engineers live. This development is owned by a German company «Vector-Foiltec Gmbh», which recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of its founding.

What is Texlon?

Texlon is a modern unique system with which you can block a huge space (roofs, facades, etc.). The basis of the system are energy efficient and lightweight constructions, with different purposes. They can be used both separately and in combination with other materials.

External wall structures resemble large air bags, so they are called membranes, and in English simply “bubbles”. Texlon panels are constructed with a multilayer structure formed on the basis of EFTE material having improved thermal insulation and pump inside air. All this contributes to better insulation.

Why choose Texlon technology increasingly?

Texlon designs have the following several advantages: resistance to corrosion, fire protection, wide operating temperature range, and transparency. These systems do not need to be cleaned surfaces (self-cleaning, the release element) transmits ultraviolet radiation (especially important for conservatories), as well as data structures durable.

With all the ease of construction, technology Texlon demonstrates excellent thermal insulation and acoustic properties in giant structures. As practice shows, for their operation staff does not require any special knowledge. Besides, the cost and maintenance of vital support system are much lower as compared with metal or glass structures.

Advantages of Texlon

  • Low operating cost (30-50 % of savings compared with the conventional transparent overlap solutions);
  • Can be used in buildings with limited carrying capacity;
  • Ability to use large dimensions (ten times more than glass – 1 translucent element square may be more 100.00 sq.m);
  • Accepts any architectural decisions and shape;
  • Ease and safety of the structure (ten times lighter than glass);
  • High light transmission;
  • The ability to use high performance for protection from solar energy;
  • Ability to pass ultraviolet rays;
  • Exceptional insulation;
  • Effective ventilation;
  • Self-venting during fire;
  • In case of fire the material does not melt , does not drip, there is no danger of falling material and burning down parts of the structure (as in the case of falling shards of glass designs in burning buildings);
  • Resistance to hail;
  • Self-cleaning;
  • Ability to prevent the accumulation of snow in the dome structures;
  • Savings on furring (weight substructure is reduced compared with the glass);
  • Savings on the monolith (less strain on the supporting elements of buildings and structures);
  • Ability to use the light;
  • Resistance to seismic effects;
  • High speed of installation;
  • The life of 50 years or more.

Types of coatings in the system Texlon:

  • Transparent;
  • Transparent matt;
  • White, skipping UV;
  • White, impermeable to UV;
  • With the application of screen printing.

Main characteristics ETFE film:

  • Weight: 0.15-0.35 kg/m2
  • The light transmission of 95%
  • Thermoplastic-from – 80 ° to +100 ° C
  • Thickness: from 150nm to 250nm
  • K-value to 2.0 W/(m2) per hour
  • G-factor (Solar Energy Transmission) 0.77

To date, very popular in the world building of commercial and business centers, sports facilities, swimming pools, water parks, botanical gardens and other facilities on the basis of EFTE- materials. All these objects are charming original form, unique in its kind, as well as an unusual appearance.