Glass design

Modern shopping malls, offices, restaurants, accommodations are hard to imagine without glass designs. They are attractive by its ease, grace, and the ability to seamlessly transmit light into the room. Although many believe that the glass is a brittle material, using modern technology glass designs were able to acquire such important qualities as reliability, durability and safety.

During glass constructions producing tempered glass ESG safe thickness of 8 to 12 mm, which can withstand 5 times greater than normal glass is used. In addition to glass design using triplex ESG.ESG.PVB (EVA) – durable, laminated glass, which is glued with a special polymer film. Also, this glass is capable of not crumble, stay in the doorway with his beat.

Profile systems for fixing the glass are special designs for plate: U-shaped profile of various modifications. Profiles appearance can be made in anodized version, painted in color RAL, stainless steel satin or polished.

Accessories for all-glass systems.

Proper functioning of the glass entrances impossible without exactly matched accessories. Using special fittings, hinges, connectors, coils, and other components, you can create a holistic glass entrance groups, able to decorate any room. Configuration, design and size are selected individually for each group, depending on the wishes of the customers. That is why the choice of glass entrances is wide and varied and can not be reduced to a single framework. The main producers of accessories with which we operate, are known in the European market brands: GEZE (Germany), SADEV France.

By way of opening and operation we can define three types of all-glass entrances:

  • pendulum system;
  • swing system;
  • sliding systems.