WHY atrium increases efficiency

Atrium – Etruscan word. With its help ancestors of the modern Italians designated their patio homes. A distinctive feature of the atrium was accessed natural light sources. Today atria become a mandatory component of the luxurious hotels, museums and shopping complexes, claiming for status and high position in the ranking of the most fashionable buildings XXI century.

Researches conducted by the academy “Business performance management”, showed that the elevation of internal space patios improves performance of all employees. A specially designed atrium at the mall or hotel allows to increase retail space, beautify the building and give it a look ultramodern structure ideally suited for communication and recreation all its guests or visitors. In addition, illuminated by natural light space allows significant savings on electricity.

All nice atriums, especially somewhere in Italy or California. But in a temperate climate it is desirable to cover the translucent structures. Otherwise, winter visitors will be swamped by snow, in spring and autumn – rain flooded, and in the summer they just “float” from the heat. The main thing is to find a glass or substitutes, whose dimensions are able to cover a substantial area of the opening of the atrium. Naturally, the structural mass should be reduced as much as possible, to minimize the possibility of the collapse of the transparent roof.

If scrupulously comply with all specifications, the owner of the building with an atrium will be pleasantly surprised by the increase in income from his business, energy savings, and most importantly – happy faces of their employees and visitors.