Glass doors

There are a lot of ways to make the room light and airy, such as by glass interior doors, which give the original appearance to any inner space. They can be used in offices, banking institutions, SPA and fitness centers, apartments and houses.

Only thanks to the glass doors your room appears to you in a new format. Interior glass doors make the interior individual and interesting. Physically the door panel separates the space, but glass doors, on the contrary, extend it, give lightness and ease, create harmony. Glass interior doors are made from glass cleaner, so it’s very easy to maintain them.

With the help of glass interior doors, even from a small room you can make a huge one. This is due to the fact that the room will receive more light, which will contribute to an increase in the visual space. It should be noted that this design method can be done only with glass doors. There is an opportunity to inflict picture on the door and make frosted or colored glass.

Benefits of interior glass doors:

  • are not subject to deformations of various kinds;
  • do not require much time and efforts to install and maintain;
  • have an attractive and aesthetic appearance;
  • their cost is quite reasonable for consumers.

Interior glass doors may perform in several ways:

  • glass doors with single glass (level of noise reduction is about 25 dB) ;
  • glass door with double glass and the inner frame (noise reduction level is 40 dB) ;
  • glass doors with double glass in aluminum profile (level of noise reduction from 32 to 40 dB).

In the catalogs of SADEV (France) supplies and accessories for glass doors, which are characterized by elegant design, wide range,
durability and strength to operate, are presented.