Interior glazing

Interior glazing is a glazing of columns, lift areas, walls, ceilings and floors. The main task of the interior glazing – creating fashionable and modern design. The main requirement for interior glazing is the use of safety glass. For the manufacture of glass elements in the interior different glazing systems are used.

Today the decorative possibilities of interior glass: bending, stained glass, patterned, display, color, textured, mirror, laminated etc are presented extremely well. Thanks to figured glass cutting creates the additional opportunities of these conctructions. For example, screen printing – is drawing on the glass surface of the image, as well as other installations, which can be limited only by the imagination of the architect or designer.

Glass can be used in public areas: shopping centers, offices, restaurants, cafes, sports, health, entertainment centers, advertising and exhibition halls, airports and train stations. Thanks to interior glazing you can realize any design ideas, create a dynamic interior, make it unusual, easily, effectively, and visually enlarge the space.

Implementation of a huge range of solutions on the interior glazing provide in a wide range the accessories for fixing glass by SADEV (France) in the DÉCOR series.

Modern interiors must meet high standards of architecture, comfort and functionality. The company “Apriora” is ready to offer you a solution to all these issues at the highest level. Our experts using interior glazing implement any design concept.