Spider glazing system

Spider glazing is a harmonious combination of new materials and advanced technologies. Thanks to it, designers can translate into reality wildest imaginations to create exquisite transparent structures. Spider glazing is widely used not only in building facades, canopies, and other construction. It actively apply in design of incoming groups, staircases, in business centers and offices, on buildings facade, on the visor, in private and commercial projects, as well as in other parts of the building.

Design features spider glazing

The main difference between spider glazing from raising other transparent structures is the lack of support frame between constructs. This became possible through the implementation of fixation using special devices, namely using a spider, which are 4, 3, 2 and 1-hands. Thanks to these technologies, the glass is fastened with hinging point to spider through drilled holes in the glass. Spider – is a spatial bracket made of high-alloy steel. Due to the wide variety of sizes and shapes of data locking elements, the customer can choose any decorations, as well as through professional development of this spider into account all the technical aspects and parameters that help to further withstand all natural and physical load.

Due to the design with spider glazing is performed using the docking panels at any angle. This makes it possible to design the construction of various forms. Using spider system allows the building or element where it is applied, to have a modern design look, and thereby to create the image and attract the attention of customers and visitors.

Spider system can be applied also as warm construction using glass, and as the cold one using mono glass (tempered ESG or laminated glass ESG ESG. ESG.PVB).

As substructure for spider glazing can be used systems bearing elements of buildings (stone, metal frame), systems of cable stretch and glass stiffeners made from glass triplex TVG.

Our partner and supplier of components for spider systems is SADEV (France), which was founded in 1936 and is one of the first developers of spider glazing systems. Due to this the company has extensive experience in developing and using spider systems in various forms and geometry of buildings, and also has a very wide range of selection of components to deal with any challenges.