Glass roofs

Don’t know how to protect the entrance to the building from rain and snow, and make it clean and safe? The glass roofs from “Apriora” will be a great solution. Such designs can help you resolve issues related to safety, they also will mark the main exit and make your porch the bright detail. Visor is securely fastened to the facade, thereby providing protection from rain and snow. That is why before mounting the visor, you need to think about mortgages. In the design of the building shall be provided mortgages for fastening elements, it will help to significantly reduce future costs.

Types of glass canopies and their grade.

First of all, glass roofs must withstand severe weather conditions and loadings in the northern latitudes, which sometimes are unpredictable. Therefore, the composition of the components of glass canopies must be correct, practical and aesthetic at the same time.

Glass roofs can be divided into two types: with visors bearing metal frame and frameless visors on guyed banners. With framed mainly used glass roofs, which outrigger part is more than 1800 mm.

Metal frame and guyed banners should be appropriately produced from stainless steel, which in terms of design will blend beautifully with glass and from a practical point of view, will not corrode.

Attachment to the structure of glass canopy is done by point with hinges or fasteners spider system. Fixing the glass must have articulated component for glass breakage during loads are not happend. These components are the development of SADEV (France), which has a range of options for use as a frame and frameless canopies.

Glass canopy component must necessarily be made of laminated glass triplex ESG.ESG.PVB (EVA). Glass, which is part of a triplex, is tempered ESG or heat strengthened TVG. Bonding glass occurs by PVB or EVA film.

Glass roofs design.

Thanks to glass plasticity, canopies can be made in any form: strict rectangular design focuses on the architecture of building, and the unusual shape of the visor will make a grand entrance bright and noticeable. A direct glass as well as bent (bending) can be used. Glass roofs suit any architectural style, whether it is a house of the XIX century or a modern business center.