Glass fencing

Increasingly in modern design an item such as glass stair railing and glazed terraces, balconies and atriums can be seen. All this together with glass railing in the interior helps to expand the space visually and makes it more and more freely. Often you can see the models of stairs with glass step. Many people mistakenly believe that they are fragile, but the glass is treated in a special way so that it can withstand a heavy load, and apply a wide range of accessories for fixing this glass, which in future will allow it not to fall and break, even if some force specially applied.

Weightless and transparent stair railings catche the eye and amaze with its originality and lightness. Glass fencing is very versatile, so it is used in office buildings, shopping centers in the atria, on the terraces and office centers, restaurants, hotels, as well as landings and marches. Fencing glass is ideal for all glass constructions: greenhouses, hothouses, lookouts. This fence has already appreciated the owners of entertainment and shopping centers, where not all floors are sightseeing stairs, atriums, terraces etc. Thanks to the glass railing guards salesrooms volume is not reduced, and it can also be called an ideal design solution. Most often, the glass enclosure can be found in the interior in the style of hi-tech. The glass enclosure will look appropriate in interiors made in other styles as well. For example, you can apply a decorative pattern or photo on the glass, properly hold lights and room completely transformed.

Types of fences and their grade

In appearance and bearing capacity glass enclosure is divided into two types:

  • all-glass enclosure, where the glass is self-supporting structural element, the basis for fixing the fence is a clamping bus, U-shaped profile, semi-permanent or mount point. In this type of handrail constructions may be formed as a bill on the glass or on top of a tap point after bonding to the glass. Also, all-glass fencing can be designed without the handrail at all. For glass fencing is used tempered ESG, which is laminated in triplex ESG.ESG.PVB (EVA) with a thickness
    of 12.76 to 25.52 mm.
  • glass fencing with a framework of posts and railing, where the glass fills openings between racks and these racks are bearing element.

Glass can be attached to the posts at both the point-fixing and using clamp clips. Glass in data structures can be used as single and ESG tempered with impact-resistant film and glued laminated triplex ESG.ESG.PVB (EVA).

By the method of fixing fences are divided into 2 types:

  • glass fencing with fastening to the floor;
  • glass fencing with a fixture in the ceiling.

The main partners of our company in components for the glass enclosures supply is SADEV (France) and Q-railling (Germany).

We can say that the fence with glass – is the future for the architectural and design solutions.